Thursday, January 25, 2007

Commissioned Car Drawing> 84 Trans AM> Knight Rider

I've been waiting on this commission for a while. I knew the woman wanted it but she took her time getting the reference pictures to me. This is a drawing of her husband's 1984 Trans AM (which is the same car as was used in "Knight Rider" I found out). Most of the car drawings I've done so far have been from a group of men who race their cars at a local drag strip. It seems to be the domino effect in that, I do a car drawing and then someone sees it and wants one too. So that's been cool, I hope this one generates another car drawing.

The reference photos she provided me with were not the best in the world. I had to make certain areas of this drawing up from my head. I tried to make it look like the rear wheels were spinning in this drawing too, not sure if I succeeded in that but it was fun trying something new. Hope you guys like it.

9"x12" Fabriano Hotpress
3B, B, H pencils
blending stumps
12 hours
Free Image Hosting at car drawing, 84 trans am


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats freskin amaizing dude, very impressive and real looking, looks like a freakin black and white photo of an 84 trans am, cudos

1:54 AM  

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