Sunday, August 20, 2006


I didn't do a whole lot this weekend. On Friday I wanted to hang out with my buddy John who recently became single. He's been having a tough time with it and I thought it might be nice to get him out of the house. So I picked him up at his house at around 6 o clock. From there we drove over to my buddy Dave's house stopping at the liquor store on the way. When we got there we were the first ones to arrive. John had never been over to Dave's house before so he showed him around. We played a game of horseshoes as more people slowly started arriving. Last weekend the girls had planned a "girl's night" out so this was our "guy's night". Dave built a fire and we sat around the fire and played horseshoes all night. It was me, Dave, John, Dave's brother-in-law Brian, his buddy, Don, Brandon, Dave's dad, T-bone, Joe, and Steve Oquist. Pretty fun, laid back night, aside from the fact that Dave pelted me in the shin with a fricking horseshoe. I'm fine though. We all stayed up until like 3:30 in the morning. I didn't sleep very well over at his house that night for some reason. Got like 2 hours of sleep total.

I brought John home at around 7 the next morning and drove over to Kenny's. I had told him that I would go golfing with him earlier in the week. I've been practicing chipping alot lately so I was really curious to see how I'd shoot. When we got to the course there was about an hour and a half wait. So we drove into Marne to a pizza place and had some pizza. We went back to the course and chipped around a little bit till they called our name. Me and Kenny were shooting pretty well but it seemed like everyone else on the course were shooting like shit. There were constantly people shooting onto our fairways, almost hitting us. I'm pretty easy going on the course but it pissed Kenny off a couple of times. I was ahead most of the game but Kenny came back on the last couple holes to beat me. I shot a 41 and he shot a 40. But it was a fun time. Next weekend is his bachelor party which we are golfing at so I will kick his ass then. Here's the scorecard from Saturday:
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I am still working on the commission drawing but it is almost done now. The deadline for the drawing is next Monday so I will ship it off this week sometime to California.


Blogger pacaso said... name is quincee you have inspired me to draw more realistic pencil photos...ive always wanted to go to school for yeh your a real work of art take care...


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