Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tutorials and JD WIP

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Recently I have been getting alot of e-mails asking for more tutorials on my website. When I started the tutorials section I had planned on adding to it quite frequently but I guess I was being lazy and haven't really added much to it in a while. But the other day I got an e-mail from someone asking how to draw eyes. I got motivated and sat down that day and worked on a tutorial. For that tutorial I chose to draw Armin Mersmann's eye because...well, he's my hero. The tutorial turned out pretty good I think and I recieved alot of "thank yous". So this past Sunday I sat down and decided to do another tutorail. This time dealing with drawing still life. I chose to draw a zippo lighter for this tutorial. I have drawn a couple of them before and I always enjoy drawing them. I think the still life tutorial was alot more difficult to explain but alot of people seemed to enjoy that one too. I am now motivated to do alot more tutorials so be on the lookout. :) Here are the links to them:
Eye Drawing Tutorial
Still Life Drawing Tutorial
The finished tutorial drawings:
how to draw still life
how to draw an eye

I have been working on a new drawing in the midst of the tutorials. It's a fairly big project. It might be my most ambitious undertaking so far. I'm not sure. We'll see in the end. I chose to draw a broken Jack Daniels bottle. I drew a couple bottles in 2004 and 2005 but I feel like my skills are much more honed in now and I am able to produce more realistic work. The previous broken bottle I did I neglected alot of details and I didn't draw alot of the small shards. This time I am drawing every little piece of glass that came off of the bottle when I broke it. I feel the drawing is going very well. I have loads of hours into it already and I am not even half done. Here is a picture of me working on the drawing tonight:
brian duey


Blogger Philip Dean Gray said...

Fantastic work Brian,
I have just set myself up on blogger as well.
Just wanted to say hi !
Cheers, Blurhead (Philip Dean Gray)

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