Monday, September 18, 2006

Pencil Drawing- Intoxicated WIP

I am still plugging away at this drawing. I knew it was going to be a big project when I started it. I estimated that it would probably take me about a month. Maybe a little more, who knows. Depends on how motivated I am to work on it at night. Tonight I worked a little more on the lettering. This part is a huge pain in the ass. Well, it's not that bad I suppose. It's just really really tedious. Not particularly difficult though. I have to draw around all the lettering with a 3B mechanical pencil and make sure everything is crisp and straight. Then I am going over the actual letters with a B pencil. Doing this will make the highlights in the drawing more spectacular. If I just left all the lettering white, the highlights would be less noticable and wouldn't be as important. But since I am drawing glass and it's reflective, I want the highlights to sparkle as best as they possibly can. I took a couple pictures of me working on the drawing tonight. The left one shows where I'm at with it and the right picture shows how close my face is to the drawing while I am working on the lettering. I have been setting very small goals for myself everytime I work on this drawing and doing the best I can on it.

pencil drawing


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