Thursday, January 25, 2007

Commissioned Car Drawing> 84 Trans AM> Knight Rider

I've been waiting on this commission for a while. I knew the woman wanted it but she took her time getting the reference pictures to me. This is a drawing of her husband's 1984 Trans AM (which is the same car as was used in "Knight Rider" I found out). Most of the car drawings I've done so far have been from a group of men who race their cars at a local drag strip. It seems to be the domino effect in that, I do a car drawing and then someone sees it and wants one too. So that's been cool, I hope this one generates another car drawing.

The reference photos she provided me with were not the best in the world. I had to make certain areas of this drawing up from my head. I tried to make it look like the rear wheels were spinning in this drawing too, not sure if I succeeded in that but it was fun trying something new. Hope you guys like it.

9"x12" Fabriano Hotpress
3B, B, H pencils
blending stumps
12 hours
Free Image Hosting at car drawing, 84 trans am

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Car Drawing Commission- Update

I was back working on this car drawing tonight. It shouldn't be too much longer until it's completed now. Maybe tomorrow. :)

car drawing Car Drawing - 84 Trans AM

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Car Drawing Commission - 84 Trans AM

This is what I am currently working on. I have been talking with a customer about doing a car drawing for her for a while but I've been waiting on her to send me some reference pictures. I finally picked up the reference pictures last weekend and started this on Monday. It's a car drawing of her husband's 84 Trans AM. It's the same car they used in Knight Rider, minus the machine gun terots, haha. This car was slightly modified though. The man races it at a local drag strip. My last couple car drawings have stemmed from eachother. I did the last one and then this customer saw it and wanted one. And hopefully someone will see this drawing when I'm done with it and want one :) Anyways, here's the drawing so far:

car drawing Car Drawing in progress

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